Museum about sewing

More and more people today are thinking about making a positive contribution to the environment. The trend today is towards sustainability, both among the older and the younger generation. For many young mothers, the trend is even back to sewing their own clothes.

Simply sew children’s clothes yourself

What you need:

  • A fabric of your choice
  • pins, sewing needles or sewing machine needles (if you have one
  • Pencil
  • Rule
  • fabric scissor
  • Seam separator
  • Sewing Thread
  • baking paper or a foil (you can use this to trace patterns)
  • Useful sewing accessories for the hobby sewer
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Fabric clamps
  • Brushes

Onlineshop for Kinderstoffe: Mineti

Mineti offers a wide range of children’s fabrics. The special thing about it is that even prefabricated patterns are provided by Mineti itself. Use the prefabricated fabrics with the respective patterns. These are available for beginners as well as for advanced learners. Here you can Kinderstoffe kaufen in the most varied variations!

Learning to sew as a beginner or advanced

Even as a beginner you can learn to sew very quickly. Order one of your children’s fabrics with sewing instructions from e.g. Mineti.

But also as an advanced sewer you have the possibility to expand your sewing skills. Mineti also offers cutting patterns for advanced sewers, which are designed a little more extensive.

Advantages of sewing children’s clothes yourself

Your child is wearing a unique piece

It is something very special for your child to be allowed to wear the mother’s self-sewn clothing. In addition, it is in possession of clothes that nobody else has.

Giving away children’s clothes

You can also give the children’s clothes or clothes for adults to your loved ones. In this way you can give great pleasure to family and friends.

Self-sewn and sustainable clothes last longer

At the online shop Mineti, for example, you can obtain certified sustainable Hilco Stoffe of particularly high quality. Such Hilco fabrics keep their promise of quality. Take the chance and visit Mineti online to Hilco Stoffe kaufen.

In the best case, make sure that the quality of your fabrics is particularly good. Because not only your own self-sewn clothing will last longer, but also the clothing you pass on.

Especially because children grow out of your clothes very quickly, you can give them directly to friends and acquaintances.

Let your creativity run free

You can give free rein to your creativity and escape the stressful everyday life. Let your creativity run free and use sewing to be creative.