Museum of online marketing

There have been quite a few changes in the history of online marketing – although, of course, this form of marketing is still relatively young. After all, the Internet has only been available to broader sections of the population since the 1990s. Since then, the channels and communication options in the history of online marketing have changed and developed – the infographic below shows.  

Online Marketing: unlimited possibilities

The Internet offers media users, media makers and advertisers almost unlimited possibilities. Different formats can be combined in one unit: videos and pictures can be combined with text documents, also audio documents (podcasts) can be embedded in pages. At the same time, the Internet offers the opportunity for direct communication – between creators and users as well as among the users.

This opens up completely new opportunities for real-time feedback, adaptation, change and exchange on specific topics. For more possibilities, there are Online Marketing Agenturen like Pixelwerker.

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History of Online Marketing: In the beginning was oneway

At the beginning of the history of online marketing, advertisers used the Internet in the same way as before, commercials, newspaper articles and advertisements: in one direction. They published their content without a great chance of communication. That was also due to the algorithms of the search engines: They primarily guessed the density of keywords without being able to evaluate the content.

Only with the development of Web 2.0 and the social media around the turn of the millennium, the one-way street was complemented by an oncoming lane: commenting, sharing content via social media, the mixing of formats on websites made online marketing user-friendly and attractive. Blogs were created that were used for marketing purposes but also provide content with added value for your users – here the spheres increasingly overlap (keyword content marketing).

And where is the journey going?

In the future, personalization will play an increasingly important role in online marketing as well. Content will be more closely matched to the individual user through data collection.

This allows companies to develop more tailor-made offers and achieve better response rates. In addition, the trend towards smartphones will lead to a greater focus on the history of online marketing in the direction of mobile media usage.

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