Museum of products

Whether in the garden, in the kitchen or in the Heimwerkerkeller – For a beautiful and pleasant living and life it requires a variety of utensils and tools. However, finding a high-quality dishwasher or just a chic beach chair can quickly become a challenge with the multitude of online offers.

Which product offers the best price-performance ratio and really reconcile the promises of online retailers with reality? Such questions resonate with many when buying home and home products. That’s why we did the big product test for you. We help you to keep track of the produkt jungle. Our five haushalt, garten, drugstore, home improvement, and hobbies and sports experts know which lawnmower shines with a long battery life, and which irons remove any crease from their clothes.

After all, they have tested a wide variety of products and introduce you to their five favorites on our website. In the detailed product tests on our site, the respective experts explain the characteristics of the product and crown a prize-winner. In addition, we have compiled an extensive product guide for you in each category

There you will find out what to look for when buying and using the respective product. The following articles have been tested for you by our experts in the areas of household, garden, drugstore, tools and hobbies and sports:


So that moisture and mold in your home does not become a problem, we have made the big dehumidifier test for you. The Comfee dehumidifier with LED display impressed us with its fantastic value for money. Overall, however, cut the dehumidifier from the brand Aktobis best.

In addition, the Comedes Demecto 30 luftentfeuchter, Suntec Wellness dehumidifier and the Duracraft dehumidifier scored points. When you buy a dehumidifier, it will not only make your home a healthier indoor climate, it will also speed up the drying of your laundry enormously. In our dehumidifier product test, our appliance expert explains what is important when buying.

Air purifier

Pollutants in the air were yesterday with the high-quality cleaners that we present in our large air purifier test. Especially for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, it pays to buy an air purifier. This filters not only unpleasant odors and pollutants, but also pollen from the air.

But you need a high-quality air cleaner. In our luftreiniger test, we show you the five best-tested products and inform you about their various functions. For example, our test winner from Philips convinced with a very good air purification rate. Also the air cleaners of Baren, Beurer, Honeywell and Levoit could shine with their numerous functions.


Juicers are indispensable in any kitchen where value is placed on a healthy diet. These devices offer the opportunity to prepare delicious fruits or valuable vegetables, fresh juice drinks. If you are considering buying a entsafter, it is a good idea to read this guide carefully until the end, as it tells you how the test was done to help you buy. You will receive information about what to look for when buying a juicer, for example, in terms of purpose or function.