Museum of pets

Cats are probably the largest individualists among all pets. As graceful and graceful as they often seem, they are so special in their claims to cat food, sleeping place and toys. Especially domestic cats should be offered a lot at home so you do not get bored. What should be missing in any household, is a cat tree, especially if the kitty of the house is not a freewheeler, but a pure flat cat.

A cat tree or a scratching barrel serves cats as a retreat and sleeping place, they can sharpen their claws and their need for movement and gimmicks. It is essential because it gives cats the opportunity to sharpen their claws. If cats do not have this option within the apartment, they quickly fall victim to furniture or wallpaper. If you want know, which products are the best, go and check the katzen produkt ratgeber. There are many important essential products which are essential for a cat. For example a kratzbaum or a katzenklo.

First and foremost, of course, the matching scratching post must fit into the flat in terms of size – a space-saving alternative is a scratching barrel and a scratching tunnel. But the larger the scratching post with many different podiums and caves, the more interesting it is for the four-legged friend. The selection in the pet supplies is very large, mainly the scratching posts differ in size and structure. If your apartment is very small, a scratching board can help.

Rabbits, hamsters and Co. are often the first own pets for children. This is not surprising, because they are small, usually relatively handy and supposedly do little work. Nevertheless, even small pets want to be well looked after and our experts will give you some tips on what to look for when buying.

Especially if you have your small animal only recently, you may still not quite clear what you really need everything and which product is the right choice. Small pets such as rabbits, hamsters or guinea pigs have very individual requirements that repeatedly pose their owners with smaller and bigger challenges.

Rodents have a lot of urge to move, as they travel freely and often travel long distances. It is not difficult to give them pets the opportunity to move around. Our kleintier produkt ratgeber can help you find the right food, cage, ham cage, rat cage, guinea pig cage, mouse cage or rabbit hutch – and suitable accessories for your pet.

The aquarium industry is becoming increasingly popular but often underestimated. Aquariums are real eye-catchers in an apartment. But it is not enough to buy an aquarium, plants and fish and put them in a tank. You can also use a aquarium led-test.

The individual fish species have very different requirements and not all fish can be kept together without any problems. How big an aquarium should be, depends primarily on how many fish and especially which fish species are to be housed in this. Depending on the choice of fish species is also the choice of all other products that need to be purchased. The different fish species have different requirements, not only to the size of the aquarium, but also to the water values ​​and especially the water type. For beginners, the purchase of a freshwater aquarium is recommended, as it is easier to maintain than a saltwater aquarium.

It is essential to have lighting, water heating, plants, various caves and stones, a water filter, aquarium gravel and a high-quality fish food. What is needed depends on the type of fish and the equipment of the aquarium, as already mentioned. Who dispenses with plants largely needs, for example, an aquarium pump with outflow, so that enough oxygen is available. Our Aqua Produkt Ratgeber will give you valuable tips on which products have proven themselves in the various areas and are useful for you and your pets.